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Here at The Officer Tatum store we strive to be the best version of ourselves. We do this through our love of God and following our company's core values and mission. I feel it is important that you know where we stand and what we believe in.

At our company meetings the first thing we do is pray. We give thanks to God for all he has done for us and ask him to continue to bless us in all our lives.

The second thing we do is go over our core values.

1. Put God First, we believe it is important to do everything in God's name and follow the path he has set forth for all of us.

2. Have Integrity, we must conduct ourselves with the utmost integrity. Especially when no one is watching, because God is always looking over us and we want to be the best version of ourselves.

3. Be Loyal, loyalty to my employees is very important to me. Being there for my people in or outside of work is a must. I would personally help any of them if they are in need... and they know it.

4. Fight For It, Each one of us works very hard to achieve our company goals and approaches every task with the full intention to give it their best.

5. Win It All, We celebrate the wins. No matter how small it is, when someone does good work I am the first person to congratulate them for their hard work. We do not sweat mistakes because we are too busy celebrating our wins.

Our company mission is simple. We want to inspire people to be the best version of themselves. Grow; mentally, physically and spiritually. Help people to express themselves through our apparel and inspire them to feel empowered to handle the challenges of life.

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